EZ Out Real Estate

EZ Out Real Estate

Challenge: EZ Out Real Estate, a company that buys houses for cash, needed a website that could effectively communicate their value proposition and convert visitors into leads. The website needed to assure visitors of a hassle-free process and encourage them to take immediate action by either calling or submitting their information.

Our Solution:

  1. User-Friendly Design:
    • We designed a clean, straightforward website that immediately communicates the core offerings: quick closings, no commissions or fees, no agents, no contingencies, and no required repairs.
    • Implemented a clear and concise navigation menu, ensuring users could easily access key information about the company and its services.
  2. Effective Lead Generation:
    • Integrated a simple and accessible lead generation form on the homepage, allowing potential clients to easily submit their information.
    • Implemented “Click to Call” functionality, enabling users on mobile devices to directly call the company with a single click, thereby reducing friction in the customer acquisition process.
  3. Trust and Assurance:
    • Highlighted key benefits and assurances, such as “We hate Spam. Your Information is Safe With Us”, to build trust with potential clients.
    • Presented the company’s value propositions and benefits clearly, ensuring users understood the advantages of working with EZ Out Real Estate.
  4. SEO and Content Strategy:
    • Developed SEO-optimized content that clearly explained the company’s services, process, and unique selling points, enhancing the website’s visibility on search engines.
    • Highlighted client benefits, such as no waiting for mortgage approval and no need for repairs, to effectively communicate the hassle-free experience offered by the company.


  • The client experienced an uptick in lead generation due to the streamlined user experience and clear calls to action.
  • Enhanced visibility on search engines led to increased organic traffic.
  • The straightforward and reassuring content strategy improved user engagement and trust.


  • The revamped website now effectively communicates EZ Out Real Estate’s value propositions and facilitates a smooth user journey from landing on the page to converting into a lead. The clear, user-friendly design and content strategy ensure that potential clients understand the benefits and can easily take the next steps in their selling journey.
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  • June 24, 2023
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