Servi-King Home Improvement

Servi-King Home Improvement

Project: Comprehensive Digital Revitalization and Brand Enhancement

Challenge: Servi-King, a distinguished home improvement entity, sought a holistic digital and brand transformation. The challenge encompassed a website redesign, brand makeover, an aggressive brand blitzkrieg campaign, social media management, Google integration, review engenderment, and introducing financing options, all while ensuring each job secured through digital channels was profitably executed.

Our Solution:

  1. Website Redesign and User Experience Enhancement:
    • Executed a comprehensive website redesign, ensuring an intuitive, user-friendly, and visually appealing digital presence.
    • Enhanced user experience and journey, ensuring easy navigation, clear communication of offerings, and a streamlined conversion path.
  2. Brand Makeover and Consistent Messaging:
    • Undertook a brand makeover, ensuring the visual identity and messaging were modern, appealing, and consistent across all platforms.
    • Ensured that the revitalized brand effectively communicated Servi-King’s values, expertise, and unique selling propositions to the target audience.
  3. Brand Blitzkrieg Campaign:
    • Launched an aggressive and multifaceted brand blitzkrieg campaign, ensuring a potent and widespread visibility of the revitalized Servi-King brand.
    • Utilized various channels and strategies to maximize reach, engagement, and conversion during the campaign.
  4. Social Media Management and Engagement:
    • Developed and managed a cohesive social media strategy, ensuring consistent brand messaging, engagement, and conversion across all platforms.
    • Utilized social media not only as a tool for visibility but also as a platform for customer interaction, engagement, and service.
  5. Google Integration and Optimization:
    • Ensured comprehensive Google integration, optimizing the website for search engines and maximizing visibility through Google My Business and other relevant platforms.
    • Implemented strategies for local SEO, ensuring Servi-King was prominently visible in relevant local searches.
  6. Review Engenderment and Reputation Management:
    • Implemented strategies to engender reviews from satisfied customers, enhancing social proof and credibility.
    • Managed online reputation, ensuring positive reviews were highlighted and any negative reviews were addressed and managed effectively.
  7. Financing Options and Conversion Enhancement:
    • Introduced and clearly communicated financing options on the website and other digital platforms, providing potential customers with flexible payment options and enhancing conversion potential.
    • Ensured that the financing options were not only compliant with relevant regulations but also user-friendly and clearly understood by potential customers.


  • The comprehensive digital and brand revitalization not only enhanced Servi-King’s digital presence and brand perception but also significantly impacted lead generation and conversion.
  • Jobs secured through the website and social media channels were profitably executed, with a notable profit of $7900 per job, illustrating the tangible ROI of the digital strategy.
  • Development, Digital Marketing, Makeover, Migration, PPC Ads, SEO, Social Media, Web Design, Wordpress
  • Retailer, service

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