Fortify IT Solutions

Fortify IT Solutions

Background: Fortify IT Solutions specializes in providing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to protect Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firms from cyber threats and ransomware. With an increasing number of RIAs facing sophisticated cyber-attacks, Fortify IT Solutions recognized the urgent need to enhance their outreach and education efforts.

Challenge: The challenge was twofold. First, Fortify IT Solutions needed to migrate their digital presence from a defunct agency without losing their online footprint. Second, they aimed to launch a lead generation campaign focused on a Risk Assessment guide to educate RIAs about cybersecurity risks and solutions.

Solution: Our agency was tasked with executing a seamless website migration to ensure continuity in Fortify IT Solutions’ online presence. We then strategized and implemented a comprehensive digital marketing campaign centered around the “3 Surefire Signs Your IT Company Is Failing To Protect You From Ransomware” guide.


  • Website Migration: We successfully migrated Fortify IT Solutions’ website, ensuring no disruption to their service offerings and maintaining SEO rankings.
  • Lead Generation Campaign: We developed a targeted campaign to promote the free guide, utilizing a mix of email marketing, social media advertising, and content marketing to reach RIAs effectively.
  • Content Strategy: The campaign was supported by a robust content strategy that highlighted the risks RIAs face and the importance of advanced cybersecurity measures.


  • Increased Awareness: The campaign significantly raised awareness among RIAs about the evolving cyber threat landscape and the limitations of traditional IT security measures.
  • Lead Generation Success: The campaign generated a substantial number of leads, with RIAs downloading the guide and reaching out for personalized cybersecurity strategies.
  • Strengthened Position: Fortify IT Solutions strengthened its position as a thought leader in cybersecurity for RIAs, with increased inquiries and client engagements following the campaign.

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