I Buy Whole Life

I Buy Whole Life

Challenge: The client approached us with a critical issue: their lead generation form was malfunctioning, causing a significant drop in customer inquiries and potential sales. Additionally, the website experienced slow loading times, which negatively impacted user experience and SEO rankings.

Our Solution:

  1. Fixing the Broken Form:
    • Our team quickly identified and resolved the issues with the lead generation form, ensuring no further leads were lost.
    • We implemented robust testing to ensure the form’s functionality across various browsers and devices.
  2. Website Speed Optimization:
    • We migrated the website to WordPress, leveraging its user-friendly interface and extensive plugin library to enhance site performance and manageability.
    • Implemented a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to secure the website from potential threats and attacks, ensuring uninterrupted service.
    • Optimized images, utilized caching, and streamlined code to significantly reduce page load times, enhancing user experience and SEO.
  3. Reviving Lead Generation:
    • With the form now fully operational and the website performing optimally, we focused on reviving and enhancing their lead generation strategy.
    • Implemented a clear and compelling Call to Action (CTA) strategy, ensuring visitors were guided towards consultation bookings and call actions.
    • Utilized analytics to track user behavior, optimizing lead generation pathways and ensuring maximum conversion.


  • The client experienced a notable increase in lead generation post-implementation, with the streamlined user experience contributing to a higher conversion rate.
  • Website speed was significantly improved, reducing bounce rates and improving the site’s SEO ranking.
  • The client received positive feedback from users like Carlos R, who appreciated the straightforward process and quick financial resolution offered by the service.


  • Our strategic interventions not only resolved the critical issues faced by the client but also enhanced the overall functionality and user experience of the website. The client is now empowered with a robust, high-performing website that effectively converts visitors into leads, and ultimately, satisfied customers.
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  • July 2, 2023
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